Thursday, November 30, 2006

Interesting Fact....

While on the subject of regional rugby just occasionally people are given to ask why they have to pay to be part of the programme. "Boys don't" we hear.

Well, consider. The profit RFU make from ONE home international would keep the RFUW running for at least TWENTY YEARS. Or - some might suggest - roughly how long it will be before the England men's team is capable of winning anything again. I could not possibly comment on that...

In fact that may be a low estimate if anything. From some figures I have heard, taking TV revenue into account as well, a single game might fund RFUW for knocking on for half a century!

As it is nearly 10% of RFUW's budget goes into the regional programme. The rest? Well our England heros did not get to Canada on foot, and did not do so brilliantly based on luck.

New rugby coaching blog

Its worth anyone's while I think taking a look at "Put me in coach" - a new blog that has appeared which majors on coaching, including some videos as well as opinion pieces, suggestions etc.

Its American again - but then all the best rugby blogs are. I mean isn't there ANYONE out there in these islands will to run some rugby-related UK blogs other than me and Vincent? Come on guys - its not that hard!

But I digress.

No this is SERIOUSLY good stuff - and well written to boot. What is more the women's game gets equal prominence (which, if we are honest, wouldn't happen over here). Drop by. Enjoy. And learn.

Senior Regional trials this weekend in Letchworth

But not AT Letchworth - rather at St Christopher School in Letchworth.

Actually anyone attending really should have submitted their trials forms by now - but if you somehow didn't know about the trials please contact the RPM for East (ie. me) by Saturday at the latest and we'll try to squeeze you in.

U17 National Cup to be replayed at Letchworth

With grounds still unplayable at Saracens at Welwyn, Letchworth will be hosting the rearranged first round of the U17 National Cup on 10th December. With barely 10 days notice it'll be a bit of a challenge, and they will not be saying "no" to any help that might be offered - but on the big "plus" is that at least the event is still in Hertfordshire!

Start times etc. have yet to be confirmed, but almost all of the host's minis and juniors are away so potentially the tournament could start significantly earlier than the 1.30 planned for last weekend. How early will depend on those travelling long distances.

We've already got one Herts team into the semi-finals of the U14s - with three in the running at this event let's hope we can get two through from the U17s!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

URGENT NOTICE: U17 County & Barbarian training changes.

Tomorrow night's training at Welwyn is no longer take place as planned cancelled due to waterlogged pitches. There is a slight chance that an alternative venue will be found.

If no alternative venue is possible...
  • A County U17 squad session will still go ahead. Meet at Welwyn at 6.30. Bring trainnig kit just in case it is possible to do any outdoor training. However, Luke and Vicky will be preparing a session on strategy and tactics and the starting XV will be heavily influenced by who attends tomorrow night.
  • The Barbarian training session will be cancelled.

More news will appear here as it becomes available.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mixed fortunes for Herts teams in National Cup

A rain-drenched Welwyn was the venue for the South East qualifer for the first ever U14 National Cup on Sunday, with three teams playing for two places in the next round - Welwyn, "Cramberley" (from Surrey), and "Herts Barbarians" (a scratch side made up of everyone else from Herts outside of Welwyn, plus some girls from Eastern Counties!).

The hope was that the two Hertfordshire teams would make it through, and the opening game between the two "home" teams was incredibly close - Welwyn desparately unlucky to go down by a single try.

Unfortunately Welwyn then had to play again. The disappointment of the first game - and the strength-sapping mud - did not help when up against one of the best U14 sides in the south of England (National 7s winners last year) and they went down 17-0.

The boot was on the other foot, however, for the next game as the "Barbarians" took full advantage of a good rest and sneaked home 10-5 in an really exciting game that ended in the gathering gloom of a winter's evening. So the Barbarians at least take the Herts flag forward when they get to do it all again on 4th February!

"Gloom" and "having to do it all again" were also the emotions felt by the our three U17 entrants as their tournament at Saracens (or "Lake Bramley" as it may now be called) was called off just as everyone was setting off (well, everyone in Hertfordshire. We suspect that other teams due to take part had already been travelling for a while before they heard). Quite what will happen now is anyone's guess as - with county and regional dates already in place - there are not that may opportunities to rearrange the contest before 4th February. Watch this space...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Start Rugby" - and help develop your girls team!

A number of courses - particular aimed at volunteers who may want to be more "hands on" in their involvement - are coming up in the north of the county.

Letchworth are hosting a "Start Rugby" course on the evening of 15th January, a repeat of a course which took place at Welwyn on 11th October.

This is a new course aimed at anyone interested in helping to coach or introduce new players to the game, but perhaps not interested or able to commit to become a fully qualified coach at this stage. As such its ideal for any parents or players who want to get more involved in helping the game - and girls' section - develop and grow. The course takes just one evening, is apparently quite active and hands on, and at the end of it you take away not only the experience but a big pack of drills and games for groups of all sizes.

There is also a "tag" rugby traning course coming up at Royston RFC on 12th February, and sessions on "tackle safety & coaching contact" at Letchworth on 11th December and Stevenage on 19th March.

Clubs will normally pay all course fees - so if you are interested contact your club's coach training officer.

County tournament (3rd December): Details

Venue: Westcliff RFC, Aviation Way, Southend on Sea, Essex

Registration 9.30-10.00

The final draw and pools will be posted at the registration tent on the day.

Under 14’s 2 x pools of 3 teams, Under 17’s 2 x pools of 4 teams, winners of each pool will meet in the final. The two second placed teams in each group will meet to decide the 3rd & 4th placings.

Trophies will be awarded to the two winning teams, and Medals will be awarded to all the girls who have taken part in the festival.

4 Points for a win
2 Points for a draw
1 Point for a loss
Bonus points will be awarded if you score 4 or more tries in a game.

In the event of a final being drawn, time permitting then 5 minutes each way of extra time shall be played. If there is still a draw after extra time, then it will be decided by sudden death penalty kicks (Welwyn girls will like that!).

Tournament Rules:
Under 17’s
15 a side, full size pitches, ten minutes each way. U17 laws apply

Under 14’s
10 a side - 5 Forwards and 5 Backs half size pitch, ten minutes each way. U14 laws apply.
Conversions shall be taken after each try.

County girls meet England star

Wednesday evening was another highlight for the county U17 squad, when they met Margaret Alphonsi, Saracens and England No7.

"Margaret is a fantastic role model for these young players," said Amanda Bate, Rugby Development Officer with The Herts Sports Partnership. "She proves to them that a person can work and study and still play top level rugby."

Margaret is currently studying for her Masters in Sports Psychology, and is also Rugby Development Officer for Saracens (Amateur )RFC, as well as fitting in training on 5 days each week.

Maragaret talked to the girls about the importance of goal setting, in her introduction to Sports Psychology, showing them how they could raise their game as individuals and as a team.

The squad put this into action and set the team goal of not conceding any tries on 3rd December, as well as winning the tournament.

Margaret's talk on Sports Psychology is just one of a series in the athlete support programme run by the Herts Sports Partnership. For more details contact .

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stocking filler? World Cup DVD

Just released!

Relive the colour and atmosphere of the best women's rugby world cup ever, with exclusive behind behind the scenes footage, the story of the three qualifying rounds, highlights of the two compelling semi-finals and then the knife-edge final that went down to the wire to decide the World champions.

93 minutes of action for only £11.99.

Buy one for your club so that they can show show something different on the big screen instead of the usual ancient highlights!

A familiar face in a new role

Amanda Bate, who has been responsible for managing the development of girls rugby in Hertfordshire over the past 3-4 years will be moving on on 3rd January... but not far. Because Amanda has been appointed the new Women's Rugby Development Manager for the East and South East of England - so we'll still see plenty of her!

So congratulations to Amanda!

Who will replace her at county level has yet to be announced.

Hertfordshire girls invited to train with Saracens women

On the 14th December any girls who play rugby in Hertfordshire are invited to attend a training session with the Saracens women players, including England players Maggie Alphonsi and Karen Andrew, at the Saracens RFC, Bramley Rd, Southgate. Training will be from 7.30pm to 9pm.

Afterwards there will be a free hot meal for all players, (adults may buy it for £1 a go), the bar will be open, and there will be photos taken with the Saracens women (which will be better organised than the session with the men's team!). The event will finish at 10pm.

For the photos we will need the county girls in their drill tops or county kit, which will highlight both giels rugby generally and the Saracens themselves.

If you can attend please tell your club asap, who will then contact Amanda Bate - who is organising the evening. She will need to know how many adults, coaches and parents, how many u17's, and how many u14's by Friday 1st December.

U17 county training

Vicky has passed on a few details about upcoming sessions.

The next is this Wednesday 22nd (tomorrow) at the Sports Village 7.30 - around 9pm. Please be there promptly so we can get started straight away. We are very lucky to have Maggie Alphonsi (Saracens and England) doing a presentation for us on Sports Psychology and goal setting.....its going to be really useful looking ahead to the December 3rd tournament. So the session will not be a physical one....please bring a pen and paper to scirbble stuff on and lots and lots of enthusiasm!! And if any parents want to join us they are more than welcome to stay.

Luke and I have been talking since the Grove tournament and we feel it is vital that we have one more outdoor training session to get things sorted before December 3rd. So we are asking you to come to an extra session the following Wednesday 29th November to be held at Welwyn RFC from 6.30 to 9pm. This will be THE MOST IMPORTANT session we have had all season so please make every effort to come along. We need to talk about our game plan for the tournament and then put it into action on the pitch. Luke and I will be chosing our starting 15 for the tournament and we are also having to chose 15 of you to go to regional trials in January so every effort will be noticed.

Let me know asap about both these sessions, either by email or by phone (07739 968499). See you this Wednesday at the Sports Village.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Scrum in senior rugby: IRB make changes.

The IRB have announced some changed to the "engage" in senior rugby. This will not affect juniors, or come to that most leagues outside the premiership as these are currently played to U19 laws. Indeed to an extent the rule changes brings the elite game closer to the practices at U19. Referees will also wish to take note.

Its all a bit technical, but changes are:

1. The new Law to be applied for the scrum engagement will be: The referee will call "crouch" then "touch". The front rows crouch and using their outside arm each prop touches the point of the opposing prop's outside shoulder. The props then withdraw their arms. The referee will then call "pause". Following a pause the referee will then call "engage". The front rows may then engage. The "engage" call is not a command but an indication that the front rows may come together when ready. This is a change to Law 20.1(h). Presently law 20.1 (h) stipulates a "crouch, pause,engage" sequence.

2. The scrum must be stationary and the middle line of the scrum must be parallel to the goal lines. A team must not shove the scrum away from the mark before the ball is thrown in. This reinforces current Law 20.1(k).

3. The front rows must crouch so that when they meet, each player's head and shoulders are no lower than their hips. This will ensure that both front rows are at as suitable horizontal height. This reinforces current Law 20.1(g).

The Law change will come into effect on January 1, 2007 with recommendations 2 and 3 coming into effect concurrently. This Lawchange will also go hand in hand with the zero tolerance policy on crooked feeds to the scrum that will come into effect on January 1, 2007.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

East regional league?

Girls' leagues are beginnnig to spring up in varius parts of the country. There's one in the North East, another in the North West, Surrey/Hampshire, Thames Valley...

So the question of whether we should have one in East has come up, and will be discussed in at a regional meeting in January, and at a county meeting next week.

One possible idea has already been circulated, based on Thames Valley's "cluster" leagues - details here - but this will proabbly not be the only idea on the tables and other views would be very welcome.

Comments and suggestions can be posted here, or submitted via you club representative on the county forum.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Venues for East Region programme 2006-7

All venues for the East Region programme are now pretty much in place.

In a region as big as this we'll never come up with any location that works for everyone, but the aim has been to try to get training and trials as close to the centre of the region as possible, while match locations are designed to minimise the need unnecessary travel for our visitors.

So many thanks to the clubs who have offered the facilities, and especially the assistance of Vincent Acheson from Eastern Counties and Phil Robson from Essex.


Trials: 3rd December - St Christopher School, Letchworth, Herts
28th January - King's School, Ely, Cambs

Training: 3rd February, 17th February, 10th March - all at Culford School, nr Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk

Matches: 11th February vs South East - Basildon RFC, Essex
25th February vs North East - Ely RFC, Cambs
18th March vs East Midlands - Away, TBC (probably Leicestershire)


Trials: 28th January - Ely RFC, Cambs

Training: 11th February, 25th February, 11th March, 22nd April - all at Culford School, nr Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk

Matches: 18th March vs East Midlands - Away, TBC (probably Leicestershire)
1st April vs North East, and Yorkshire - Ely RFC, Cambs

Monday, November 13, 2006

"Defence wins titles" says U14 county coach

Defence wins Titles - a quote from the successful Wasps team of a few years ago, now taken on successfully by Hertfordshire's U14 Girls!

On Sunday a squad of 17 U14 girls went to Grove RFC in Oxfordshire to compete against Oxon, Middlesex and Essex. This was the first time an official team had represented the County at this age group. The girls looked very smart in their shirts borrowed for the day from their male counterparts. (pictures to follow from some parents hopefully, and some action shots?)

A big thanks to all the girls who rotated this duty against the other Counties on the day. Without their selfless support for rugby most of the squad would only have been able to get half a game in each match, and we would have been playing on half a pitch. Their exemplary attitude is a testament to the true amateur rugby ethos flowing through the girls game.

In their first game against Oxon a strong line-up took to the field. In order to ensure the game was the full 12 a side, full pitch version, 3 of the Herts. squad played for Oxon. From the kick off it was evident that both teams possessed strong defences, but the Herts. girls had stronger runners throughout the team and were able to strike from a number of positions across the backs. The forwards fought for superiority and were able to win the team a good supply of ball which allowed Herts. to keep Oxon pinned in their own half rarely breaking out into the Herts. half. Two tries in each half, all scored out wide by breaks from backs with support earned the win.

The second game the girls knew would be tough against a well drilled Essex side, containing some Regional players from last season. Again two Herts. girls played for the opposition to ensure the game could be played on a full pitch. As in the first game defences were on top and the game rarely moved out of the middle of the field. The pressure of the defences caused handling errors on both sides. Both teams found it hard to break through, though slowly Herts. were able to recycle ball and apply pressure eventually leading to the break for the only try of the game. The second half saw both teams defend strongly again the defences caused many handling errors. Herts. for the second match running preventing the opposition from entering their 22m area.

The final game saw the girls take on a new Middlesex squad which grew in numbers as the competition went on. All the girls who had played for the opposition in the first two games played for Hertfordshire in this game. In a tense first half, Middlesex took the game to Herts. with some very powerful runners. The Herts. girls made it to half time with resolute defending keeping the 22m area from being breached. Changes at half time and a talk by the coaches saw the girls come out focused for the second half. A couple of early penalties conceded by Middlesex saw Herts. able to apply pressure in the opponents 22m. A blind side break saw a try disallowed, with even the Essex coaches questioning the Refs. decision. The fitness of the girls, who mostly started playing this season, also now started to tell. The disallowed try gave the girls more momentum and with Middlesex regularly conceding penalties Herts. were able to cross three time in the left hand corner to win the match.

The girls showed great spirit in their games. Some handling and continuity was wonderful. Defence was very solid and in parts awesome. Considering that many are new to rugby this season they have great potential. The one thing we did ask but which they failed to do completely was score by the posts to make conversions easier! Obviously a communication problem here because most tries were scored by the corner flags. We mean the goal posts!!!

County teams dominant at Oxon tournament

Hertfordshire's county teams produced faultless performances at Sunday's tournament at Grove in Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire had clearly gone to great lengths to put the event together at very short notice - four weeks ago it wasn't on anyone's calendar at all! The loss of Herts proposed fixture with Bucks was the spark, and Oxfordshire's agreement to step into the breach - combined with the willingness of Essex and Middlesex to relocate their fixture 100 miles or so west - resulted in an excellent afternoon's rugby, and a perfect "warm-up" to the Main Event at Westcliff next month.

And it was our girls who dominated the day - which is remarkable when you consider that most of their opponents have been playing together competitively for some weeks, or even months in Essex's case.

At Under 17 level a brave Oxfordshire side were unfortunately no match for the speed and flair of the Herts team who ran in some 40 unanswered points before an injury forced an early closure in the second half.

Essex were expected to be a tougher opposition - with their pack looking particular big. But after their initial attack was repulsed Herts gradually increased their dominance and eventually ran out 15-0 winners.

Herts U14 Girls deservedly won their four County Tournament by first class defending which achieved a shut-out against the three sides they played. The team was well led by Clare Shutler who was presented with the winner’s trophy afterwards.

In the first game Herts beat hosts Oxfordshire 22-0 with tries from Clare, Emma Wilson, Sam Voyle and Alice Nee, the latter two also making notable crunching tackles on the opposition. Clare also converted a try.

In the second game against arch-rivals Essex, Clare was the key difference and her try gave Herts a hard fought 5-0 win.

In the final game Herts were 0-0 at half-time with Middlesex, until Courtney Arberry took the game by the scruff of the neck with her exceptional tackling and then scoring two tries. Becky Dawson added a late third try and the game ended 15-0 to Herts.

  • Interesting fact: Not only are out U17s still unbeaten (at both XV-a-side and 7-a-side) since they were formed last season, but no-one has yet scored at try against in the larger sided game!
  • And the U14s have also won every full-sided game they have played to date, though they did conceed one try last year. Their record is marred by a single 7s defeat to a "Surrey" team that actually included several Herts players...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sunday's County tournament at Grove RFC. Details.

Here is a link to Grove RFC

The day will consist of four Counties playing each other in friendlies - loaning to increase number from the more fortunate teams - and sharing players if needed. The aim of the day is to have as as many girls as possible turn up and enjoy playing rugby.

The arrival time can be anytime from 11am with the first matches should start at about 1 pm. Players can bring a sensible packed lunch but food and drinks for sale in the club house all day. There will be made space available to do any pre match training and also and warm ups. we have the use of at least 3 (sahred) changing rooms.

The U14s will be able to play 10 mins each way as they have 3 games each.

The U17s have 2 matches each can play for 20 mins each way, or - if Middlesex can field an U17s squad - 3 games each 15 mins each way.

Timetable Of Events

  • 11 am Teams To Arrive At Clubhouse
  • 11.30am All Coaches and Managers to meet in the clubhouse to discuss numbers ect.
  • 11.45 am Girls to eat small snack bought with them as an early lunch.
  • 12.00 Noon Girls to get changed and assemble outside front of clubhouse to be assigned a space on the field to warm up and do any pre match coaching with their coaches.
  • 1 pm First Matches to kick off on either pitch 1, 2 or 3.

Assuming all three pitches are playable the schedule will be:

Pitch One (U14s)

1 pm Oxon V Herts
1.45 Oxon V Middlesex
2.30 Oxon V Essex

Pitch 2 (U14s)

1.00 Essex V Middlesex
1.45 Herts V Essex
2.30 Herts V Middlesex

Pitch 3 (U17s)

1.00 Oxon V Herts
2.00 Essex V Herts
3.00 Oxon V Essex

Referees take your pick!

An alternative schedule will be used if fewer pitches are free.

Finish By 4pm. Food Provied in Club House for all players. Food and drink available to purchase for all visitors

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Senior competition structure 2007/8

A Competitions Review Group (CRG) has spent the last yer looking at the structure or senior cups and leagues and has now issued some proposals for next season. These do not actually seem to be on the website (well I cannot find them) but can be summarised as follows:

  • The current "Premier 1" will become "The Championship". This will become a "closed" league of eight "geographically spread" teams, thus enabling all players to be able to play top level rugby.
  • Championship clubs required to sustain development plans that would make them responsible for the growth and development of rugby in their region (not just their club). Failure to do so would result in relegation and replacement by another club.

  • Below this there will be two leagues of eight - "Premier 1 North" and "Premier 1 South",
  • Feeding these leagues would be Premier North 2 and Premier Midlands 2 (feeding Preimer 1 North), and Premier South East 2 and Premier South West 2 (feeding Premier 1 South).
  • And below that league here would be a regional leagues structure of two or three levels.

  • The top four teams in the Championship will play off for the "Super Cup".
  • The winners of Premier 1 North and South would play-off for the "Premiership Cup"
  • There would be a "Regional Cup" available for other teams to enter.

  • In addition the top 88-100 players will be invited to play in a "Super League" consisting of three English and one Celtic qualified teams.
  • All "Premier" leagues to play to full IRB rules, other leagues to play to U19 rules.

Comments to by 14th November (yes - next week!)

Herts U17s in national top 30

Two girls from Welwyn - Hannah Gallagher and Megan Williams - have been selected for the national "TDG" (Training Development Group) at U17s, part of a select group of 30 who will get special training and development support over the coming months.

They will be joined there by one familar face - Sasha Acheson - who is registered at Sudbury but plays much of her rugby with Letchworth.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Herts clubs to clash in National Cup

The National Cup draws have been announced. The first round will be in the form of small "festivals" which will take place on 26th November. In both cases Herts teams ate in the "South East" group:

In the U14 Cup - the first time there has been an official tournament for this age - Herts Barbarians (a combined county U14 side) will take on Welwyn, Uttlesford (Essex), and "Cramberleigh" (Cranleigh & Camberley combined, from Surrey) at Welwyn RFC.

In the U17 Cup Saracens/Fullerians, Letchworth, and Welwyn will take on Uttlesford, "Cramberleigh (again!), and Worthing (Sussex) at Saracens.

There will be four of these "festivals" taking place across the country in each age group and the top teams will play in the second round early next year to produce a "North" and "South" winner, who will meet in a national final after Easter.

Guide to grants

A new and unique online "Funding Guide" for all grant aid relating to Hertfordshire was has been launched on 18 October 2006.

The site available at It takes would-be grant seekers through sources of local advice, and the chance to narrow down a search for local charities, to make the findings more relevant to what the searcher is looking for. It is a simple interface and, because it is online, it can be kept up to date.

There's a heck of a lot of money out there to be had for the price of a postage stamp, a little imagination, and some ink! Take a look at one recent example - West Herts Hockey Club, have just picked up a Sportsmatch award of £5,000 for "a development programs for girls. Funding provides for additional training sessions for younger girl players at the club and facilitates trials and taster sessions aimed at girls new to the sport. The training and recruitment programme forms parts of an ambitious overall club development plan."

So, which club out there reading this does not do something like that?

RFU announce a "Coach Licence Scheme"

No, nothing to do with the ensuring that your club transport has an up-to-date MoT!

The RFU want to ensure that all coaches working within the game regularly update their knowledge, skills and understanding. As a result they are proposing a "Coach Licensing System" and are inviting feedback that will help shape the Rugby Coaching Licence.

The consultation will take two forms; firstly, through access to the proposals on line (follow the above link), with an opportunity email responses ( Secondly a series of consultation meetings will take place, where the plans will be outlined, and coaches will have the opportunity to feedback, and make further recommendations.

All feedback will be collated throughout the autumn to be presented to the RFU Coaching Sub-Committee for further discussion in spring 2007, before final proposals are made to the RFU Council.

The consultation meetings in our area are below. All coaches are encouraged to attend:

London North
Chelmsford RFC, Essex, Monday 20th November, 7pm
University of Herts, Wednesday 29th November, 7pm

Monday, November 06, 2006

East Region senior trials - no excuses for missing out!

Because this year they are in Hertfordshire! At the St Christopher School in Letchworth on Sunday 3rd December, from c11.00am - 2.00pm (timings to be confirmed). Directions can be found here

Also - to ensure as many players as possible can be seen - there will actually be two days of trials with a second trial on 28th January in Cambridgeshire. If at all possible you will need to attend both dates - if you cannot make one of the dates you must notify Alan Brown or Wendy le Grave.

Regional rugby has never had a higher profile than this year. For the first time every player in the country - outside the top 44 - will be taking part, including all of the England U19 squad. The regional programme is now a firm part of the games developmental route - so the standard of rugby you will experience will make going to trials well worth the effort.

To meet this challenge a whole new coaching and management team has been appointed in the region (as you will have seen from the earlier news item) dedicated to build on previous successes that have seen the region grow to become one of the strongest in the country - with its players even building a reputation overseas!

All regional dates and venues can be found in the key dates page of this blog.

See the world, play rugby - an invitation.

Malcolm Baker, who many will know from his work with the East Region, is promoting a new women's rugby touring team "that will soon become the most well know and well travelled team from the home counties" has been formed - and its open to everyone, whoever you currently play for.


The Boudiccas Ladies WRFC was founded in July 2006, after players from the East Region squad were invited to play in the Stockholm 10s in Sweden. Despite being beaten in the semi-finals the players returned to the UK keen to compete in more competitions. From this idea Boudicca Ladies Touring Squad was founded.

There is no requirement to be part of the East Region Squad - the players range from Division 4 players to England U19s internationals. All that is needed is :
  1. All with a flare to travel, compete and win
  2. A love of 7s, 10s and 15 a side rugby
  3. Team spirt

The Teams Motto is “ BRING IT ON

The first tournament played as the Boudiccas was three weeks ago in Italy “The Rovigo 7s” where we lost in a very close final by one conversion. One of our wingers Sarah Stimpson holds the record for the quickest try to be scored in this tournament of only nine seconds from kick off.

The team will be competing on the womens 7s , 10s 15s circuits so far the tournaments below are confirmed with a few more to follow:

  • Nov-06 Dubai 7s (UAE)
  • Dec-06 Dubai 7s (UAE)
  • Apr-07 Isle of Man 7s & 15s (Isle of Man)
  • May-07 Amsterdam 7s (Holland)
  • Jun-07 Rock n rugby 7s (Spain)
  • Jun-07 Flanders Open 10's (Belgium)
  • Jul-07 Stockholm 10s (Sweden)
  • Aug-07 Scandinavian 7's (Denmark)
  • Aug-07 International Krusevac 7s (Serbia)
  • Oct-07 Rovigo 7s (Italy)

    The team travel to Dubai with only one thing on our minds and that is to win on the biggest 7s stage for women. With a squad of 24 players keep your eyes open at Dubai for Libby Peak, Holly Le Grave and Sarah McKenna all who play for England.

    We are always looking for more players who also enjoy rugby tours - maybe your one of them, or you have team mates who are too.

    How many times have you wanted to go on rugby tour but you don’t have enough players to do it??? Well here is your chance.

    For more information contact Malcolm on 0776 369 8685, or write to him at 27 Rainsthorpe, South Wootton, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE30 3UF. Or have a look at the team website.