Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hertfordshire Locality Budget Scheme

Is your club looking for a small funding boost to help support - perhaps - coach training, new equipment, or a community project? If so, a new (and little publicised) scheme launched by Hertfordshire County Council could be useful.

Each elected member of the council has £10,000 to spend on "worthwhile community projects" in their area through "locality budgets" and applicants are encouraged to discuss their proposal with their local member before completing your application.

If they are in agreement, you then complete a simple online application and - once submitted- this is reviewed by your local member who then recommends whether the grant should be awarded. A formal decision will then be made by the council’s chief legal officer, but assuming everything is okay you should receive the agreed funding within 2-3 months.

For more information see these documents on the HCC website.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Herts Sports Partnership: Service to Sport Awards 2009

For the 4th year in a row Herts Womens and Girls Rugby Clubs won accolades at the Annual Herts Sports Partnership Service to Sports Awards:

Coach of the Year (Male)

2nd: Greg Maxwell (Welwyn Warriors).
3rd: Ed Knighton (OA Saints).

Community Club of the Year:

Winners: OA Saints.
3rd: Welwyn Warriors.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Herts Coaching Handbook and County Yearbook

Electronic copies of the complete Herts Coaching Handbook and Herts RFU Yearbook can now be viewed and downloaded from the Herts RFU website. This is the first time that electronic copies of either publication has been made available, complete and free.

The Coaching Handbook contains valuable information for all coaches in the county, or for anyone thinking of becoming a coach. It includes information about courses (for both coaches and referees), expected player standards, tips on effective coaching, and a who's who of the county's coaching team.

The Yearbook is an invaluable source of information about all clubs across the county, including women's clubs and teams.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rugby Awareness Week, 16-20 November


What is it?
An idea of 2 young ladies aged 15, Oren Blindell and Rachel Mccullough,who play for Welwyn, which will benefit boys and girls rugby across the county.

A week in November, Monday 16th November to Friday 20th November.

In schools across the county, all 70 senior schools we hope.

What will happen?
At least 1 boy and 1 girl who play club rugby, will talk in each school, during assembly, to tell other young people about-
  • the fun
  • the friendship
  • the respect, good sportsmanship, discipline, within the game
  • where to play rugby in Herts
  • to ask their school (if relevant) to develop both girls and boys rugby teams
  • keeping healthy and active through training as well as matches
Myself and the CRC's will be asking for permission for the young speakers to be able to wear their rugby shirt in school that day.

Rachel and Oren are going to produce, posters, leaflets and newsletter, to go out that week too. They are also hoping to make a DVD of Herts Youth Rugby, for every school to show during that week, which will be distributed to the young players who will be doing the assembly.

The young players who would like to speak in the assemblies, will be given help and guidance about what to say.

What do we, the clubs have to do?
I or the CRC's will be in touch with you to find out which players might be interested in speaking in their school assembly. We want every club which has youth rugby, involved. So please talk to your players and find out who is keen to participate. The RDO and CRC's already have some young people lined up- the CSLA students, but we will need at least 70 boys and girls.

What will be the benefit to clubs?
Hopefully it will raise awareness of rugby, and clubs will see new youth members coming along to training sessions. We also hope that with this and other parts of the project, more schools will develop girls rugby, and more schools will enter teams into the schools leagues and into the Emerging Schools competitions, or similar.

What do we need to do now?
Please e-mail me with the names of players willing to speak in their school, with the school name and which club they are from.

Amanda Bate

07523 119436

U15 Hertfordshire Girls' League

The new Hertfordshire Girls' U15 development league begins this weekend. Fixtures arranged to date appear below: