Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Grants from district councils for county and regional players

North Herts District Council have announced that the next round of grants for elite sports people om the district is now open - but applications need to be in by 19th June. Nearly £8000 is available for distribution to any regional players aged 19-23, and also to any coaches working with regional athletes.

The North Herts scheme is only open to people living in the district - but it is just one example of the grants available available to "elite athletes" from most district councils in Hertfordshire.

The terms and size of awards will vary, as will the application process. Some - like the North Herts scheme - will be limited to regional players, but some will be available to county representatives. Some will be based on an annual bidding competition, some every six months, some will be available throughout the year.

But the main thing is that these awards are there - and it is well worth your while applying for them. Remember that the awards will be almost certainly based on where you live - not where your club or school is - so if (for example) you played for Welwyn but lived in Sawbridgeworth you would need to apply to East Hertfordshire District Council for grants, not Welwyn and Hatfield.