Thursday, May 29, 2008

The end of the season....but not for some

For most Girl Players last weekends National 7's is the last date of the season, but for a select group it is continuing during the Summer.

One 'Junior Super League' weekend of training and match has already taken place at Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire on 17 - 18th May and the second match is taking place at the same venue this Saturday (31 May). Three U18 Herts Players, Alex Robertson, Megan Williams and Sophie Tyler were invited to take part, as was a fourth Welwyn Player, Hannah Gallagher, but she is currently recovering from an operation.

In addition invitation letters are currently being sent out to the Girls selected to attend the U18 and U15 High Performance Academy (HPA) Camp at Brunel University London on 12 and 13 July. The leading U18 players at the 4 HPA Camps will then be invited to join the 2007/8 TDG Girls at their next training session later in the summer, at which next seasons TDG Group will be selected. The U15 HPA's will be used to select the Girls for next seasons Schools of Rugby, which start later in the Summer.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

National 7's Results

Women Cup: Winners - Worcester; Runners-up - Richmond.

Women Plate: Winners - Waterloo; Runners-up - Chesham.

Women Bowl: Winners - OA Saints; Runners-up - Wimbledon.

Women Dinner Service: Winners - Hertford; Runners-up - London Welsh.

U18 Cup: Winners - Exeter Saracens; Runners-up - Wimbourne.

U18 Plate: Winners - Welwyn; Runners-up - Darlington M.P.

U15 Cup: Winners - North Hykeham; Runners-up - Exeter Saracens.

U15 Plate: Winners - Tynedale; Runners-up - Worcester

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Have you signed up for the RFUW conference yet?

The RFUW Regional Conference will be at Hatfield on 28th June. A full day of practical demonstrations, discussions and case studies aimed at players, coaches, referees and managers. There is even a Q&A session where you can get a chance to ask RFUW board exactly what they are doing. Clubs can send two people (and may be able send more), full refreshments are provided... and all for only £5!

However, RFUW are asking for clubs to put forward delegates by the end of this week. There is more information on the RFUW website (plus an application form).

Monday, May 26, 2008

RFUW want to hear from YOU!

RFUW are contacting all clubs, schools and college teams and asking them to complete an "audit" about the state of the game as you see it. Please ensure that your club completes the audit before the closing date of 23rd June. It only takes five minutes and is vital to the development of the game.

For more information, including a link to the audit itself, see the RFUW website.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

All change

Yesterday's National 7's was the last time that some Girls had the opportunity to play for their current Herts Clubs, as by the beginning of next season they will be over 18. Also for the first time in 2 years there will be movement between the Junior Girls (U15's) and Senior Girls (U18's).

Four Herts Clubs (Saracens, Welwyn, Hertford and Old Albanians) have Players graduating to their U18 teams from their current U15 teams to help fill the gaps, but all 8 Girls Clubs in Herts are looking to recruit new players next season, especially at U15 level.

If you are interested in playing Girls Rugby next season and you are currently aged 12-17 please contact one of the following:

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Herts Girls 7's (Tabard RFC) Results

This firmly established Girls Rugby Festival moves between Clubs in Hertfordshire each season in order to bring it to the widest possible audience and today it was the turn of Tabard RFC. Laura-Jo Pearce was today's organiser and she deserves great thanks for the time and effort she has put in during the past four months preparing for it.

The results were:

U18 Cup: Winners - Basford; Runners-up - Letchworth.

U18 Plate: Winners - Reading; Runners-up - Kettering.

U15 Cup: Winners - London Irish; Runners-up - Saracens.

U15 Plate: Winners - Bucks Jesters; Runners-up - Kettering.

U15 Bowl: Winners - Welwyn; Runners-up - Tamworth.

Friday, May 16, 2008

RFUW Club Devlopment Toolkit Funding Award

Welwyn Warriors received the excellent news today that their application for £500 from the RFUW Club Development Toolkit Fund has been successful.

This money will be used on projects to promote Girls Rugby in the local area e.g. Open Afternoons, Coaching in Schools, Publicity etc. The money will be used between June 1 2008 and May 31 2009, and will effectively be an investment in the long term future of Welwyn Warriors.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dorking Girls 7's 11th May Winners and Runners up

U12 Cup Winner: Perins School
U12 Cup R/up: Beckenham/Old Alleynians

U15 Cup Winner: London Irish
U15 Cup R/up: Ellingham & Ringwood

U15 Plate Winner: Dorking
U15 Plate R/up: Guildford

U18 Cup Winner: Dorking
U18 Cup R/up: Worthing

U18 Plate Winner: Chobham
U18 Plate R/up: Letchworth

Monday, May 12, 2008

National Regional Festival Litchfield - U15 and U18

On Saturday East Region U15's , including eight Herts Players (four Saracens and four Welwyn), finished fourth out of 12 Regions in this seasons National Regional Festival at Litchfield RFC, narrowly losing the 3/4 place play-off to South (2007 winners). This was an improvement on last year when East finished 6th. East Midlands were the 2008 U15 winners beating East Wales in the Final.

On Sunday East Region U18's, including ten Herts Players (nine Welwyn and one Letchworth) finished 3rd for the second year running. They beat East Midlands in the 3/4 place play off and the U18 winners were West Midlands, who beat Yorkshire in the Final.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Herts 7s: competition rules

Playing conditions

Games shall be played according to the standard laws of rugby union, incorporating IRB amendments relating to Sevens rugby and age group rules adopted by the RFUW.

In particular teams should note that:

· Conversions shall be by means of a drop kick

· After a score, the team scoring shall restart

· All matches shall be seven minutes each way (except Cup finals which shall be ten minutes each way) — and may be reduced in length on safety grounds at the discretion of the referee (i.e. if teams are significantly mis-matched, or if the risk to injury is increased due to player fatigue).


All referee decisions shall be final and cannot subsequently be changed. If an error is made by any match official over any rule, law or actuality, or the interpretation of any rule or law, then the game shall continue as if the error had not been made and any score, or subsequent score, shall stand. No attempt should be made to deliberately correct an error by any person either later in the game or afterwards, and no appeals will be entered into on such matters after a game.

Other tournament rules

· While squads may be of any size, they will be assumed to contain ten players. There will only be sufficient programmes, etc. — and winners medals! — for that number.

· In pool games, four points shall be awarded to a winning team, and two points each if the game is drawn. A try scoring bonus point will be awarded to any team scoring four or more tries in a game, and a losing bonus point to any team losing by seven points or less.

· The organisers may, at their discretion, award a bonus point to reward examples of good sportsmanship, such as the lending of players to other teams to cover injury (provided they are not from the same club).

· The organisers also reserve the right to deduct competition or match points for breaches of the Code of Conduct or other poor sportsmanship by players or club officials if reported by referees or other tournament officials.

· Pool ranking shall be decided on the basis of (in order) a) competition points; b) results between the team/s tied on points; c) most tries scored; d) fewest tries conceded; e) points difference. If teams are still level then places shall be decided by a kicking competition (see below).

· Knock-out games tied at the end of normal time shall continue with one period of two minutes sudden-death (first to score wins) overtime with teams defending the end they were defending at the end of normal time. If teams are still level then the game shall be decided by a kicking competition (see below).

· Kicking competition. Each player finishing the game (or seven nominated players in the case of pool placings) shall take a drop kick at goal from any point on the field. Players from each team will kick alternately. All players other than the kicker shall stand behind the 22. The competition will continue until (after the same number of kicks have been taken by each) one team has scored more goals than the other.

· The organisers’ decisions on the interpretation of these rules, or on any other relevant matters not covered by these rules, shall be final.

· Teams shall be ready to start their game as soon as the previous game has concluded.

· Referees will complete the official match scorecard immediately following each match and deliver it to the central control or hand it to the pitch Marshall who will deliver it to the central control.


If an on-field injury delays play for more than five minutes the game shall be abandoned and the score at the time of the abandonment shall stand.

If the injury delays the start of any subsequent matches then, if practical, in the U 18 competition a half sized pitch shall be marked out and play shall continue on that pitch until the injury is treated. It that is not possible, or if the injury happens in an U 15 game, subsequent matches shall transfer to the other pitch. Games will then run for five minutes each way until the injury is treated and cleared

Herts 7s draw published

Herts Girls Sevens Competition – Match Schedule

Under 15 Competition - Pool Stage

Pool A

Kick-off Pitch
11:00 C Herts Barbarians Tamworth
11.40 D Basford Herts Barbarians
12.20 C Tamworth Basford

Pool B

Kick-off Pitch
11:20 C Saracens Old Albanians
12.00 D Hertford Saracens
12.40 C Old Albanians Hertford

Pool C

Kick-off Pitch
11:00 D London Irish Kettering
11.40 C Stevenage London Irish
12.20 D Kettering Stevenage

Pool D

Kick-off Pitch
11:20 D Welwyn Warriors Reading Ladies
12.00 C Bucks Jesters Welwyn Warriors
12.40 D Reading Ladies Bucks Jesters

Under 15 Competition – Knock Out Stage

Time Pitch Match
13:30 C U15 Bowl Semi 1 Pool A v Pool C
D U15 Bowl Semi 2 Pool B v Pool D
13:50 C U15 Plate Semi 1 Pool A v Pool C
D U15 Plate Semi 2 Pool B v Pool D
14:10 C U15 Cup Semi 1 Pool A v Pool C
D U15 Cup Semi 2 Pool B v Pool D
14:30 D U15 Bowl Final
C U15 Bowl 3rd playoff
14:50 D U15 Plate final
C U15 Plate 3rd playoff
15:10 D U15 Cup 3rd playoff
15:30 A U15 Cup final

Under 18 Competition - Pool Stage

Pool A

11.00 A Kettering Herts Barbarians
11.40 B Wisbech G. S. Kettering
12.20 A Herts Barbarians Wisbech G. S.

Pool B

Kick-off Pitch
11.20 A Basford Hertford
12.00 B TBA Basford
12.40 A Hertford TBA

Pool C

Kick-off Pitch
11.00 B Herts Swifts Reading Ladies
11.40 A Worthing Stingers Herts Swifts
12.20 B Reading Ladies Worthing Stingers

Pool D

Kick-off Pitch
11.20 B Bucks Jesters Pavworth Maoris
12.00 A Letchworth G.C. Bucks Jesters
12.40 B Pavworth Maoris Letchworth G.C.

Under 18 Competition – Knock Out Stage

Time Pitch Match
13:30 A U18 Bowl Semi 1 Pool A v Pool C
B U18 Bowl Semi 2 Pool B v Pool D
13:50 A U18 Plate Semi 1 Pool A v Pool C
B U18 Plate Semi 2 Pool B v Pool D
14:10 A U18 Cup Semi 1 Pool A v Pool C
B U18 Cup Semi 2 Pool B v Pool D
14:30 A U18 Bowl Final
B U18 Bowl 3rd playoff
14:50 A U18 Plate Final
B U18 Plate 3rd playoff
15:10 A U18 Cup 3rd playoff
15:55 A U18 Cup Final

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

U18 National 10's Finals Litchfield Sun 4th May

Each of the 6 teams that reached the U18 National 10's Finals at Litchfield RFC played each other in a round robin tournament.

Results affecting Letchworth:

Letchworth 10 Wimbourne 10
Letchworth 24 Tynedale 17
Letchworth 0 Worcester 38
Letchworth 17 Darlington Mowden Park 15
Letchworth 0 Reading 24

Final standings:

Winners: Worcester
Runners up: Reading
3rd Wimbourne
4th Letchworth
5th Darlington Mowden Park
6th Tynedale

Congratulations to Worcester who retain the Trophy they won last year.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Worthing Girls Festival Sun 4th May

The Worthing Festival is now an integral part of the Girls Rugby Season. Teams travel to it from as far as Worcester, Sleaford and Leicestershire, and now that it has moved to the first Bank Holiday weekend in May (next season Sun 3 May 2009) some teams are making it part of a 'Tour'. There is a 10's Section at both U15 and U18, and this year a 7's Section at U12 was introduced for the first time.

Welwyn U15's entered, but with only 7 Players available, for various reasons, needed to borrow Players from other Clubs to make up a team. In the true spirit of Rugby, both Basford and Paviors lent Players, but unfortunately Welwyn were knocked out at the Group Stage this year.

Glenn Warren, the Chair of Worthing Ladies and Girls Rugby, said that it their intention to try and expand the U12's Section next Season and they are also contemplating having a Senior 7's Tournament on the Saturday, turning the whole weekend over t0 Womens and Girls Rugby.

The results were:

U12's - Cup Winners: Worthing - Runners up: Beckenham

U15's - Cup Winners: Londin Irsh - Runners up: H3

U15's - Plate Winners: Folkstone Fillies - Runners up: Dorking

U18's - Cup Winners: Basford - Runners up: Paviors/Tamworth (Pavworth)

U18's - Plate Winners: Solent Sirens - Runners up: Old Leamingtonians

Thursday, May 01, 2008

IRB announce major rule changes from 2008/9 season

The IRB issued the following press release today concerning a one year trial of the "ELVs" (Experimental Law Variations). These will apply to all rugby at all levels, unless otherwise stated, from 1st August 2008. Some of the changes are very significant and it is important that all players, coaches and officials are aware of the changes that will take place:

The International Rugby Board Council today announced that it had approved a global trial of Experimental Law Variations (ELVs) for a 12 month period starting on August 1, 2008. The trial at all levels of the Game will involve 13 of the 23 ELVs that have been undergoing experimentation in approved tournaments around the world over the last two years.

"The Council's decision to implement a global trial of Experimental Law Variations represents an important milestone for the future of the Game. It vindicates the process that was adopted by Council in 2004 for future Law amendments. The Council congratulated the Law Project Group on its unprecedented work over the past two years," said IRB Chairman Bernard Lapasset.

"It was also agreed that the sanctions ELVs (reduction of sanctions to free kicks from penalty kicks where possible) that were not approved for global trials would be further trialled in a selected elite Northern Hemisphere competition in the 2008/09 season."

"The Southern Hemisphere will continue to play under the various ELV programme environments that exist in that part of the world at present. It would be unfair to change the playing environment under which countries in the south are currently playing in competitions such as the Super 14."

"Not one of the Council representatives was against the global implementation of an ELV programme of some description. Many of the ELVs received unanimous approval as they had clearly shown potential to be beneficial to the Game thus meriting a further trial at all levels around the world."

"The Laws Project Group had recommended a global trial of all of the ELVs but there were differing opinions between the Council Members on some of the ELVs in the area of the tackle and ruck, maul, sanctions and offside. The key point here was that the Members did not dismiss these ELVs outright but believed that further consideration and trials were necessary."

"This is particularly true of the sanctions ELVs which have not been trialled by senior Unions in the north but which have been received favourably by players and coaches that have played under them in the Southern Hemisphere."

"The Laws Project Group has been tasked to closely monitor the global trial with the assistance of its Member Unions. It will also work with the Senior Unions in the north to deliver and analyse the sanctions ELVs in an elite Northern Hemisphere Competition."

"In November 2009 Council will review all the ELVs that will undergo global trial, along with the sanctions ELVs that will undergo approved trials in specific competitions. Council will then decide at this meeting if all or any of the ELVs should be accepted into full Law," added Mr Lapasset.
ELVs to be trialled worldwide

Assistant Referees
Assistant Referees can assist referees in any manner required when appointed by a match organiser

Posts and flags around the field
The corner posts are no longer considered to be in touch in-goal except when a ball is grounded against the post

Lineout and throw
If a team puts the ball back into their own 22 and the ball is subsequently kicked directly into touch there is no gain of ground
A quick throw may be thrown in straight or towards the throwing team's own goal line
There is no restriction on the number of players who can participate in the lineout from either side (minimum of two)
The receiver in a lineout must stand 2 metres back from the lineout
The player who is in opposition to the player throwing in the ball may stand in the area between the 5 metre line and touch line but must be 2 metres away from the lineout
Lineout players may pre-grip a jumper before the ball is thrown in
The lifting of lineout jumpers is permitted

Players are able to defend a maul by pulling it down
Remove reference in Law to heads and shoulders not to be lower than hips

Introduction of an offside line five metres behind the hindmost feet of the scrum
Scrum half offside lines (must be in close proximity to the scrum as present Law or must retreat five metres)

ELVs to be trialled in an elite Northern Hemisphere competition
For all offences other than offside, not entering through the gate, and Law 10 - Foul Play, the sanction is a Free Kick

Tackle and ruck
If the ball is unplayable at the breakdown, the side that did not take the ball into contact will receive a Free Kick

If a maul becomes unplayable, the team not in possession at the start of the maul receives a Free Kick

ELVs to be referred back to LPG for further analysis and possible experimentation
Lineout and throw
Incorrect throw (not straight) the sanction is a Free Kick

Tackle and ruck
Offside line occurs immediately at the tackle
Players who are on their feet can play the ball with their hands

There are two Penalty Kicks awarded at the tackle and ruck - offside and foul play
Reference to unfair play added to Law 15 (tackle: ball carrier brought to ground)

Players are only put onside after a tackle when they retreat past the tackle or the ball has moved five metres away from the tackle

Kick-off and restart kicks
Incorrect kick-offs and restart kicks result in a Free Kick for the opposition