Monday, September 29, 2014

Herts U18 Girls Squad 2014-15

This year's Herts U18 Girls trials were well attended with 39 girls attending from four different clubs. This is a big increase from 22 girls last season, and the standard stepped up too.

The following girls have been selected for the Herts U18 Girls squad this season:

Ellena Perry
Faye Coregan*
Floss Jones
Harriet Austin
Hayley Everett
Helen Roberts
Izzie Sloan
Jeanine Stephenson
Pat Metcalfe-Jones
Rosanna Moynihan*
Sara Blissett
Tian Figg

Aine McMahon
Beth Summerfield
Ella Wyrwas*
Eloise Bloomfield*
Emily Bentley*
Hannah Botterman*
Jade Clarke*
Kate Summerfield
Katy Walker
Reece Kneafsey*
Tamzin Luftig*
Zoe Harrison

* denotes player is new to the squad this season

The following girls have been invited to join the development squad:

Casey Rhodes
Chloe Dawson

Antonia Soldano
Charlotte Robinson
Lauren Bellinger