Friday, June 29, 2007

Girls Premiership Rugby Academy Update

There are still a few places left on the Saracens Premiership Rugby Camp exclusively for Girls at Welwyn RFC on 24th and 25th July (9.30 to 3.30 approx). Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis until the limit is reached.

The two day course is specifically aimed at girls aged between 12 and 17 engaging in contact and will provide an opportunity for players to improve their skills under the guidance of qualified coaches and professional Saracens Players.

The courses will cover: Handling Skills; Tackling & Defence; Contact Skills; Continuity; Dynamicity in your play; Support Play; Ruck and Maul technique; Leaching; SAQ & Evasion Skills.

Due to a grant subsidy the full cost of the two day Camp is now £10. Players will need to bring a packed lunch. For further information and an application form please contact Jacky Shutler on or 0208 368 5325.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

U12 Girls: Rules

One matter not mentioned in the report (below) on Monday's Women & Girls county meeting was that RFUW have made a decision on how girls rugby below U15 level should be played.

Things are slightly complicated by the fact that RFUW does not directly legislate for U12s as girls (and boys) of this age come under the RFU's Continuum (which covers mixed rugby up from U7 to U12 levels). However, it is reasonable to assume (and advised) that clubs offering U12 rugby next season should attempt to abide by the RFUW's recommendations.

These can be summarised as follows:
  • Teams (girls only or mixed) are restricted to a TWO year age span, in accordance with the continuum.
  • Mixed sex games should be played to the standard Under 12 ("midi rugby") rules, as at present
  • Girls-only U12 games should be played to Under 10 rules

While it is appreciated that this may cause some confusion the reasoning seems to be that...

  • Under 10 rules are aimed at smaller teams - 9-a-side instead of 13-a-side - and clubs and clusters may find it easier to put together smaller teams
  • Under 10 rules are simpler and will also make it easier to integrate and play new players alongside experienced girls

The details of the different rules can be found in the RFU Continuum, but in summary...

Girls-only games ("U10 rules"):Mixed sex games ("U12 rules"):
  • 9 players per side
  • 13 players per side
  • 3 forwards, 6 backs
  • 6 forwards, 7 backs. No 8 cannot pick up from base of scrum
  • 5 points for a try - no conversions
  • 5 points for a try, 2 for a conversion
  • Play begins with free pass
  • Play begins with a drop-kick
  • Penalties by free pass. No quick penalties
  • Conventional penalty rules
  • Contested 3-player scrums
  • Contested 6-player scrums
  • 2-player contested line outs - no lifting
  • 4-player contested line-outs - no lifting
  • Size 4 ball
  • Size 4 ball
  • Daily playing limit - 60 minutes (no match longer than 30)
  • Daily playing limit - 70 minutes (no match longer than 40)
  • No kicking
  • Kicking allowed
  • No hand-offs
  • No hand-offs
  • No fly hacking
  • No fly hacking

Hertfordshire 'Ladies link' Tag Tournament

Following on from some of the 'GO PLAY RUGBY' work, Hertfordshire would like to try an annual Pre-season 10 a side Tag tournament for Ladies and U18s.

Called the 'Ladies link' the idea is to Link U18s and senior sides a little more closely and perhaps persaude those 'tag only' Ladies to give the full game a 'TRY'.

The idea would be a 10-a-side tournament. 5 seniors and 5 U18s on the pitch all the time but rolling subs. The top end U18 girls will be able to play for both seniors and U18s after their 18th birthday so a good way to maybe play together?

If there is enough interest, the idea would be to move the competition around the county to a different club each year.

To begin with, Sunday 2/9 at Welwyn is the proposed date for this year. £25 per team entry fee. No limit on squad size for this first year.2pm kick off.

If you would like to enter your club or combine with another club to have enough numbers, please let me know.

Just think, by 3/9, you could have your first trophy of the season..............................!!

Dave Marques

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beckenham / Rochford Festivals 14th October

Angela Nicholls, the organiser of the Beckenham Festival, has asked for the following message to be publicised:

I can confirm that the 9th Beckenham Girls Festival will be held on 14th October this year, which I have subsequently found out clashes with Rochford 10 festival. We have also concentrated on it being a "development" day and have limited county/regional players to 2 per side. If you know of any club that would like an invite, pass this email onto them and once I get a request from them will send one on.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Herts blog - new design

As trailed a couple of weeks ago, the Herts blog has now been redesigned. Trials of a similar design on another blog have gone well and, armed with that experience, the county service has now been updated as well

The new three-column design makes better use of screen space.
  • The main central column contains county news stories - and has as much space as the previous design provided.
  • The right-hand column is now only contains links to Herts county or club information, along with the blog's archive.
  • Regional, national, and international links are now in the left-hand column

In addition the left and right hand columns now include automatically updated lists of the latest stories appearing on other relevant sites (where those sites generate "newsfeeds" - sometimes called "RSS feeds"). This allows you to keep up to date with everything happening in the world of women's and girls' rugby in one place without having to check dozens of different sites.

Not all sites offer newsfeeds yet (the RFUW in particular do not) - but if your club site produces a similar "feed", or you are aware of any other feeds that are of interest, then let me know so that it can added.

Any comments on any aspect of the new design would be appreciated!

Notes from Women & Girls' Development meeting

The latest Women and Girls's development forum meeting took place yesterday at Radlett. The meeting was chaired by the Women's Regional Development Manager (WRDM) Amanda Bate who commented that she "was very disappointed at the poor turnout for the meeting" which had been arranged to take place at Tabard, but no-one from Tabard arrived so the meeting had to move to a nearby pub!

Amanda continued that "The meeting is usually held at Welwyn, but we moved it to Tabard to try and make it easier for some clubs to attend. This did not happen, so in future the meetings will once again be held at Welwyn RFC."

Present were Amanda Bate (WRDM), John Birch (Letchworth), Heather Alcock (Letchworth), Gareth Lewis (YDO Stevenage), Luke Williams (Welwyn), Dave Marques (Welwyn), Simon Shutler (Saracens), and there were apologies from Vicky Lowe (Hertford), Jess Lane (Welwyn), Chris Fishlock (Hertford)

"If any club needs help/support in developing girls rugby then they should attend these meetings.

"As usual there was no representation at all from senior women’s teams, and so I take this as a sign that the women’s game in Herts does not need any support at all, which is very encouraging!"

The main points discussed were:

Club reports:

  • Expected players for next season, u15 15-20, U18’s 18-23,
  • Four coaches, Luke Williams (Head coach), Chris Gallagher (Forwards coach), Pete Mccullough and Jess Lane (U15s)
  • Targeting years 5-8, boys and girls, through school coaching; Luke Williams to coach in the four primary schools, contact with the schools being made via SSCO. Both boys and girls will have festival at the club, which may begin with tag ("see how it goes").


  • Expected players for next season, u15 8, u18’s 18-20
  • Coach -Woman returning to Letchworth from University may be able to help. John Birch and Andrew Glenister, and club will provide further support. Usually parents become the coaches, but the girls parents do not have rugby playing background. Amanda will ask Kat Emerson if she can coach as Kat is a senior player in Essex, due to start at Herts University in September.


  • Expected players for next season, u15 12-14, u18 8-10
  • Coaches: Simon Shutler, Alan Watson to coach, both at level 2.
  • All fixtures sorted! Will join with Middlesex to create Middx U18, and also matches against Letchworth, Welwyn and Basford


  • Players - don’t know yet! Plenty of coaches, no girls yet! Thinking of clusters like before (Herts Swifts). Meeting suggested clustering with Letchworth and Gareth Lewis seemed interested, though suspected possible club objections at Stevenage. Amanda suggested Stevenage lends a coach…looks at the "bigger picture".
  • Why is Stevenage trying again to build girls rugby? Girls coming through from minis, and also grants the club has received in the past dependant on providing womens and girls rugby. A summer camp will try and recruit both sexes, and they are also looking at Emerging Schools teams, with Paul Freestone’s help.

County teams-appointments

U18’s Vicky Lowe and Luke Williams will again coach the county girls, Simon Sutler will lead coach the county U15’s with Jess Lane in support. Dave Marques will be team manager for u18’s and Pete McCullough will be team manager for u15’s. It is hoped that Catherine Lowe will be kit manager again. Main points:


  • Two squads, 20 in each, Clive Cramphorn will run the Second quad (called "Baa Baas"). Trials virtually same as last year - gather all girls, put into teams (but probably not club teams this time), general training, game situations, etc. Then choose 40 girls
  • Next training session, all 40 together again and then select again, and maybe at the next session too. After that selected for First and Second team squads.
  • Mid week training sessions to be arranged - but no may be problem swith both day and venue. County Manager (Dave Marques) and coaches will decide. The aim will be to arrange as many matches as possible - includng possibly a mid-week fixture, and with games spread around the county.
  • All girls will be told that they are expected at trials if they want to be in county squad (unless genuinly unavoidable - ie. injury) as the county is not a RFUW programme, so TDGs do not automatically get a bye!


  • Simon Shutler to be head coach, will put the girls into a game situation at the trials and "go from there"! Development day will be a trials also, the two county dates after that will be training sessions and then (hopefully) fixtures will be festivals. If possible and with good numbers we will run two squads. Pete McCullough is team and fixture manager for U15s.

Other county matters

  • Amanda will talk to Catherine Lowe about U15s kit and John Drew about the Baa Baas kit.
  • Amanda will advertise dates of first development/trials dates in schools via PDMs.
  • Coaches at the trials who are not busy will be roped in to coach any brand new girls who turn up!
  • We will try to arrange county fixtures at Letchworth, Stevenage and Welwyn. Luke says we need a meal afterwards and the captains say a few words etc etc… Girls to be dressed so as to try to develop more county rugby ethos. Host club to arrange referees and press, and organise food.
  • Team Managers to write to schools on county headed paper to advise when they make the county team.

U12’s Letchworth project

Plan to get new blood. U12’s girls get lost in minis, and also at the step up to junior girls. "Scary" to approach a club as an individual and the result is that girls stop playing. Inter schools u12 festival/project planned for November, and - as some schools who did Emerging Schools wanted to carry it on somehow- will combine festival with an U14’s matches. Maybe get older girls to referee, coach etc. (seven Letchworth girls have done referee's course, one has level 1 coaching course and other have done Start Rugby). Trying to plan something for every six weeks to keep girls interested. Amanda to pass on contact details for Kent and Sussex, and invite a Referee Ambassador along. Amanda spoken to Ros Cramp and Paul Freestone, happy for Heather to approach schools direct.

Festival will also try to cover parts of Bedfordshire, and Letchworth have contacted Claire Sanderson (WRDM East Midlands). Letchworth is also sending a rep to east Midlands (county) forum.

Emerging Schools Competition

Amanda will talk to RDO about supporting those clubs represented at tonights meeting.

Developing girls teams/clusters for training and/or matches.

Not discussed as those teams present have sorted fixtures and are developing. The clubs which need help/support developing were not present at this meeting.

Planning for the season

Cluster coaching/matches on Regional days: Jess may provide coaching for the girls left behind! This is when we need the county 2nd XV/development squad to train and maybe play other county development squads. Amanda to get all county contact details from other WRDM’s and pass to team managers.

Go Play: All present know about this and how it can help female player recruitment.

Funding: Amanda to apply for funding for SAQ courses and equipment, first aid courses coach development and skills sessions, drill tops for Baa baas and u15s, and leaflets aimed at U12s (and even younger) - Saracens invite all girls to join in training, they tell all parents about it and it works!


Up-date from treasurer-accounts /statements will be available to view. AB to speak to Catherine who was not present and ask for details.

RFUW up-date: Short of time and those present know about discussions at East forum recently…to be further discussed at next meeting.

Senior spot: No reps from senior teams attended.

Next meeting 24th Sept at Welwyn RFC 7.30pm

Monday, June 25, 2007


At the Herts RFU AGM at Welwyn RFC on 25th June there were two significant events relating to Women's and Girl's Rugby in the County.

Firstly, the Herts Women's and Girls's Development Group have been elected Associate Members of the Herts RFU. The significance of this is that it raises the profile of Women's and Girl's Rugby in Herts and acknowledges the strength of the Game at Senior Level (Saracens, OA Saints, Hertford, Hitchin, Fullerians, Welwyn and Tabard) and Junior Level (Welwyn, Letchworth, Saracens and Hertford) plus others starting up or re-generating.

Secondly, Welwyn Warriors were presented with their RFU Presidents XV Runners-Up Trophy and Certificate in the 'Girl Power' Category. The Award was collected by Welwyn / Herts / East Region Players Hannah Marques and Hannah Gallagher (the latter on crutches, but who has the plaster removed from her broken ankle on 26th June). Letchworth Girls were also acknowledged for Winning the 'Modernisation' Category for the Letchworth Girls Blog and their Trophy and Certificate will be Awarded at a Presentation at their Club on 13th July.

Calendar: Amendments to "final" version issued

The RFUW have today issued a "final" version of the final calendar, with some changes to the previous "final" edition which appeared at the end of May.

The main changes seem to be:
  • Extra county day on 18th November
  • Senior league play-offs moved to 27th April

In addition East Region may be holding its junior trials now in December (probably 16th), pending the approval of RFUW.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some more important anniversaries you may have missed

Further to yesterday's article about the first ever women's international, 5th April this year was the 20th anniversary of the first ever England international. On that day in 1987 England travelled to Pontypool to take on Wales - and won by 22-4. England have played Wales every year ever since (thus making it women's rugby's longest annual series) ... and have won every time! This time the event was not entirely missed.

This international took place seven years BEFORE the formation of the RFUW. Women's rugby across the British Isles was then run the "Women's Rugby Football Union", which had been set up in 1983, and for some years there was also a British Isles team that played against overseas opposition. The WRFU gradually broke up in the early 90s when first Ireland (1992) and then Scotland (1993) went their own ways, leaving England and Wales to finally form their own unions in 1994 - but this does mean that next year will be the 25th anniversary of organised women's rugby in Britain (can someone start ordering the party bunting, please?).

In addition, it is worth remembering the WRFU's first representative game - which was also the first international played in the British Isles - as this took place 21 years ago this year when British Isles lost 14-8 to France at Richmond Park. Unfortunately most of the British Isles games - and actually most women's international rugby - seems to have gone largely unrecorded, even though it has all happened fairly recently so I cannot even find out the date that this match took place.

Looking ahead next year will also give us the 20th anniversary of first English women's club cup final (Wasps 34, Richmond 6 @ Rosslyn Park), and the 10th anniversary of the first "official" world cup (the two previous competitions in 1991 and 1994 had not been sanctioned by the IRB)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A quarter century of women's international rugby

Here's an anniversary that has passed the sporting world by last week (and my apologies for missing it myself).

Last Wednesday (13th June) was the 25th anniversary of the first ever women's rugby international, which took place between the Netherlands and France at Utrecht in 1982, France winning 4-0 (tries were only worth four points in those days).

The lack of celebrations, dancing in the streets, postage stamps, etc. to mark this important event is understandable perhaps as apparently the players at the time did not realise that they were making history, and the actual match itself came close to being forgotten as a result of the French RFU's take over of the women's game in 1990. In their otherwise comprehensive database of matches and results by their women's team they chose to disregard all of the internationals played up to that point.

What is more there is no complete listing of women's internationals available anywhere to compensate - even the IRB's records do not go back before 2006! Some RFUs have listings of their games (most don't) - even England's only goes back to the mid 90s (despite their first international being nearly ten years before).

However, the status of the game was rescued from obscurity by the Rugby Museum at Twickenham organised last summer an exhibition on the history of the women's game which unearthed this fact (and many more). Though that exhibition is now long over, the good news is that much of it is still available online (click here) - and fascinating it is too. In fact much of it could easily be reused by any club that wanted to organise an exhibition about the women's game.

Girls' Premiership Rugby Academy - Update

Over 20 Girls have now signed up to the Saracens Premiership Rugby Camp exclusively for Girls at Welwyn RFC on 24th and 25th July (9.30 to 3.30 approx) which will provide a fun and enjoyable environment for female players to develop their game.

The two day course is specifically aimed at girls aged between 12 and 17 engaging in contact and will provide an opportunity for players to improve their skills under the guidance of qualified coaches and professional Saracens Players (rumoured to include members of the First Team).

The courses will cover:
Handling Skills
Tackling & Defence
Contact Skills
Dynamicity in your play
Support Play
Ruck and Maul technique
SAQ & Evasion Skills.

The full cost of the two day Camp is £50. Players will need to bring a packed lunch. A £10 deposit will be required to secure a place for this Camp, with the balance payable by June 30th. For further information and an application form please contact Jacky Shutler on or 0208 368 5325.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Success for Alphonsi and Roby at East awards

Hertfordshire's Maggie Alphonsi and Becky Roby were amongst the winners at East Region's end-of-season dinner and awards evening on Friday. Maggie - who also presented the awards - was voted "Senior Player of the Year" and Becky gained the "Outstanding Achievement" award.

Steve Savory - who divides his time between Sudbury and Saracens - also picked up the Coach/Manager of the Year award.

A full list of award winners can be found on the Essex Blog.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Are going to Twickenham on Saturday?

If you are going for the conference, then enjoy the day and feedback what you learn to your clubs.

If you are a U17 going for the coaching demonstrations then please bring boots and trainers, and arrive in kit as there will not be any changing facilities. The RFUW will give you a cereal bar, a piece of fruit and a bottle of water. There should be some sandwiches from lunch for you (if all the administrators don't eat them first!) but it is suggested that you bring some more snacks/water.

Meanwhile the organisers need to know your t-shirt size…S, M or L?? Let know... immediately!

Finally there is still space for five more U17's. If you or someone you know would like to come along e-mail direct (with t-shirt size!).

New manager in charge at Fullerians

Samuel Parker has replaced Andrew McPhillips as the lead contact for women's and girls' rugby at Fullerians in Watford. He email address is

Fullerians is the home of one of longest running and most successful girls' sections in the county, producing a number of players who have gained national honours over the years. Last season was, however, a difficult one as they lost several key players to the adult game. After working with Saracens for most of the season it is good to see that they have revived and seem ready to return to their position of one of the county's - and even country's - leading clubs.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

National 7s: Feedback requested

Keeley Fathers (Competitions Office at RFUW) is looking a the timing of the junior National Sevens as there have been some suggestions that it is at the wrong time of the year due to exams, etc. or that it makes the girls season too long.

Anyone with any views on this - one way or another - are requested to contect Keeley as soon as possible.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Regional "beanies": a fairy tale ending?

Those selected for regional squads will recall the long, and rather sad, saga of the regional kit. Too late, too little, incomplete, and of a "controversial" quality standard were but a few of the problems reported, especially in East Region who - we are told - "complained more than anyone else" (well done East!).

Anyway there is light at the end of the tunnel as the Beanies have now shown up. Okay the ones that Canterbury have now finally provided may be a different design to those they provided the first time round, and are certainly we hear the wrong colour (again) - and a different wong colour this time. But we are told its the best we are going to get.

So if you are still missing your woolly hat let Cathy know - and if you are coming to the Regional "Dinner-Dance" on Friday you will be pick them up there. Yes, Cinders, with you Regional Beanie in you now can go to the Ball!

Cinders: "But I can't go to the ball, oh Fairy Godmanager - for I haven't got a beanie"
Fairy GodManager: "Fear not - bring me the head of an old mop and let me work my magic"

[FX: FLASH! Mop transformed into a Regional Beanie!]

C: "Oh Fairy Godmanager that is was very clever... but actually I think it looked better when it was a mop. And it doesn't match my outfit. And..."
FGM: "Oh put it on and stop complaining!"


Prince: "And whomsoever's head shall fit this beanie..."

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Herts blog: update and redesign

The system that this blog runs on has been updated. Though it is possible to keep the current system, there are a number of significant advantages in moving to the new system so that is what it is proposed will happen in a week or so's time.

It is possible to more or less remain the existing look and feel, but it is also possible to go for something slightly more sophisticated that makes better use of the full screen. To see an example of this check out the Letchworth blog which went (or arguably is still going through!) the process this weekend.

Comments would be appreciated.

Incidentally, for thoose of you who occasionally contribute you should not see any major difference when it comes to posting to the blog.

England offer to help you improve your coaching - FREE

"Team England" are inviting all Regional, County and Club Coaches to their summer Coaching Conference at Broadstreet RFC, Coventry on Saturday 7th July (10.30am – 4pm).

Called "Working in Partnership" the day will include position specific workshops from international coaches, as well as Q&A sessions designed to find out how the RFUW and "Team England" can best help coaches at all levels.

There is no charge to attend the Team England Coaching Conference. If you would like to attend please reply to Kelly Rainey either by e-mail or telephone, or 020 8831 7996, by Friday 29th June 2007.

Programme of Events

1) 2006/07 Review

2) Moving forward 2007/08 – 2009/10
  • What we are trying to achieve?
  • How can coaches help?

3) Position Specific Workshops

  • Kicking Clinic Geoff Richards, England Head Coach
  • Hooker Skills Danny Wilson, Wales Coach (Ex-England A’s Coach)
  • Front Row Graham Smith, England Assistant Coach
  • Scrum Half Skills Gary Street, England Assistant Coach

Further details will be available once your have confirmed attendance.

Friday, June 08, 2007

U17s: "Free" coaching session at Twickenham - with England coaches!

As part of the RFUW Conference at Twickenham on 16th June there will be a number of coaching workshops being given by England coaches for the benefit of coach delegates to the conference.

However, the coaches need someone to coach so the call is going out for any U17s to come down to "Headquarters" and spend the afternoon working with the best coaches in the women's game - and (so far as I am aware) without you having to pay a penny!

In fact the whole conference is only £5, so actually its worth paying for the whole thing as you'll get fed as well if you do!.

For more information contact Sam Marshall or Amanda Bate as soon as possible.

Monday, June 04, 2007

International Sevens news

It was yet another case of "so near yet to far" for Boudiccas after their visit to Edinburgh ended at the semi-final stage on Sunday - losing out to the eventual winners Murryfield Wanderers.

Meanwhile England's women's team, with three Herts players (all Saracens) in the squad, suffered a similar disappointment in the FIRA European Sevens in France.

The three Saracens - Claire Allan, Charlotte Barras and Rachael Burford, who was captain of the team - were there aiming to make up for lasy year, when they lost in the final to Wales and this year began well, cruising into the semi-finals with 17 tries in three games against Russia, Sweden, and Holland - though they ominously tripped up 15-12 in their final pool game against France.

But that was enough through to see them through to a semi-final against Spain which was won, though only by 12-10. But they were in the final - against the hosts.

At half times things were level at a try a-piece, but then England then suffered a major set-back with the loss of Kim Oliver with an injury leaving the team with just six players for the remainder of the match. France took advantage, though the 19-5 margin of victory was helped with a disallowed England try and compounded by a French breakaway score on the last play.

England coach Gary Street said: “We are disappointed not to have won in the final, but we always knew France were going to be the team to beat. This was nevertheless a very brave performance from the girls over the two days considering we have not played in a competitive tournament for a year.

“Rachel Burford led the squad superbly and we have all learned a lot this weekend which will can only help us in the future.”

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Herts teams in RFUW leagues 2007/8

The following senior Hertfordshire clubs will be playing in RFUW leagues next season:

Premiership: Saracens
Championship South 1: Old Albanians; Saracens II
National Challenge South East 2 (East): Hertford; Old Albanians II
National Challenge South East 3 (North): Hitchin

Complete league details can be found here:

Tour the world with the Boudiccas

Past and present East Region players have the opportunity to tour the world with the Boudiccas Ladies Touring Squad.

In July 2006 members of the East Region Ladies entered the Stockholm 10’s tournament as a one –off tour to end the season. Despite being beaten in the semi – finals they came back to the UK with a keen resolve to compete in more tournaments together

Originally it was comprised of players based in the East Region and playing for the East Region Senior Squad, but it has now expanded to include past and present players from clubs across the East Region, who still wished to be involved with promoting rugby within the region.

This weekend the Boudiccas traveled to Edinburgh for their sixth tournament - the Edinburgh 7s - and also lend their support to the England mens 7s as they are competing in the IRB 7s at the same venue.

The Boudiccas have been drawn in pool 1 that includes Lismore, Kirkcaldy and Glasgow Uni. The squad is the strongest yet with IRB Womens Rugby Player of the Year Maggie Alphonsi making her debut, other squad members being Amanda Murray (captain), Becky Roby, Ellisha Dee, Emma White, Jennifer Sothmann, Laura Evans, Nichola Millman, Nicky Cameron, and Veronica Ely.

Future tournaments planned include:

  • Stockholm 10s 2007
  • Southwold beach 7s 2007
  • Italy 7s 2007
  • Borneo 10s 2007
  • Dubai 7s 2007
  • Nelson Mandela Bay 7s (South Africa) 2007

For more information about the Boudiccas click here