Friday, August 03, 2007

County Trails and England U20s

One or two people had been asking about the clash between the county U18 and England U19 trials - which are both on the same weekend. Some girls were interested in trialing for trying for the England U19s - and in one or two cases might well have got in. However following the announcement (below) now only girls at the top of the U18 age band are now eligible to attend (ie. 17 or over on 1st September) - so in most cases the problem is "solved".

However, the U20 trails are "open", and if you do meet the age criteria and your club coach agrees that you stand a chance of getting into the squad, it would obviously be wrong for county trials to get in the way. So if you are going to attend the England U20 trails but still wish to be considered for the county squad you should contact the county coaches Luke Williams or Vicky Lowe as soon as possible, and certainly before the weekend of the 8th/9th September.

If you are wondering about the standard expected then it is recommended that you should have reached at least regional level, and in addition Clive Cramphorn reports that "it was very tough and physical" last year.

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