Monday, March 29, 2010

Presdales School win regional girls' title - again! 

Presdales School are the regional girls' champions for the second year running. The county competition took place two weeks ago at Woollams Playing fields and Nobel, Hockerill Presdales, Queens, Turnford and St Mary's were entered, though Turnford had to drop out. Presdales and Hockerill went on to represent Herts at the London North competition on Friday last, at Jobbers Wood.

This year at the regional we had 11 schools enter- Thomas Deacon, Presdales, Waldergrave, Grey Court, William Edwards, Hockerill, King Edward, Barking Abbey, Fakenham, Whitton, Cambridge.

The schools were put into two pools, round robin type of competition,  the overall winners from each playing off . These were Presdales and Hockerill, ( both unbeaten in the round robin games) - the runners up from both pools ( Barking Abbey and William Edwards) played off for 3rd and 4th place.

Presdales won 15-5 and the rain, which had held off all day, poured down during the very exciting final! Barking Abbey beat William Edwards.

It was a good fun day and true sportsmanship was shown by all the teams in the pool with King Edward. King Edward had arrived without any subs.-  two minutes into the very first game, one of their players dislocated her knee, and had to go to hospital. This left the team with only 11 players. All the girls from the other teams, when asked, willingly and happily dropped a player so that the teams played 11 a-side, some teams even offering to lend a player to their opponents!

There is no National competition this year, unfortunately, so we don't know if Presdlaes would have been crowned Natinal Chmaps for a 2nd year running.

The referees were Skip, and Dean Cutting ( an Essex CRC) and Dave and Arrun from BSHS, who they did an excellent job.

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