Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Divisional CB Festivals Postponed

We have received the following from the RFU:
"Due to the inclement weather across the country a decision has been taken to postpone all Divisional CB festivals this weekend for both the Junior and Senior programmes. We are very disappointed to have to make this decision but a number of the venues are currently waterlogged, there are over 200 flood warnings across the country and travel warnings have been issued. We do not wish to put any player at risk through unnecessary travel. We felt it was important to make an early decision to keep any inconvenience to a minimum and to an ensure a consistent message was given to everyone.

We will look at the possibility of further CB activity after Christmas depending on local and national need and will be in come back to you on this in the New Year. Please feel free to contact your WRDO if you have any thoughts on this."

The Herts county training session due to be held at Welwyn RFC on Wednesday 28 November has also been cancelled - though the U15s training may still go ahead if the pitches are suitable..

The coaches would like to thank the players and parents for their support at the two matches we have played, and the training sessions.

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